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Blows in NDC at Afram Plains parliamentary primary

Blows in NDC at Afram Plains parliamentary primary
NDC PRIMARIES PREPARATIONS TURNS EXCHANGE OF BLOWS OVER REGISTER AT AFRAM PLAINS SOUTH CONSTITUENCY. As the NDCs are preparing for their primaries, the party members of the Afram Plains south constituency and their constituency yesterday exchanged heavy blows at the constituency office in Tease over their party register. According to the constituency secretary (Hon. Martin Nutepe), names of some members of the party did not appear in the register but with 7,812 names instead of over 8000 names they will conduct the election. This decision was taken by the constituency executives without contacting the aspirants. When the aspirants who are contesting the incumbent MP heard of this, they where not happy about it because they think the executives should have called all of them before deciding on what to do. They also think that the executives who have declared their support for the incumbent MP want to use this as an opportunity for the incumbent MP to win. This brought a misunderstanding between the executives and the aspirants with their supporters whose names where deleted from the register which resulted in an exchange of heavy blows. Source: OHENEBA KWABENAH YEBOAH

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